shatter me with hope

I am so unbelievably happy for Natalie and Rhys. Just…so, so so so so sos so so SO happy. It was all beautiful. They are beautiful. It’s all beautiful. 

the orchestra version of Gone With The Sin can silence anyone and anything as far I’m concerned. 

under all this cynicism i might just be a hopeless romantic for anyone that isn’t me. but i’ll never admit it. 

i love the tears on tape album so goddamn much i can’t believe it’s been a year jfc i’m so nostalgic over it haha 


This is a part of me I’m afraid to show. 

I use my body and appearance to express myself. I’m not good with words but I can say what I want to say with images. I love these pictures, I find them very pretty because those are the colors, the shapes, the themes I love. This is my aesthetic and making such pictures make me very happy. 

However I’m ashamed of being and artist and loving my body so much, of what I enjoy doing. Something along the way made me believe that self-love and wanting to show myself, take the place I want was wrong.. Ironically, I’m scared of sharing these because I don’t want people to get the wrong opinion of me when these pictures are very “me”. 

I want to be free. Free of fear, anxiety and self-imposed limitations, 


lestat is somehow the goblin king and doctor frank-n-further

i just had a scary self realisation